Allora “Americano” $16
Casoni 1814, seltzer and orange peel

Gelindo “Spritz” $16
Bitter roots, Costadilà Natural Sparkling Orange Wine, Honey-Gentian Bitter

Viva La France “But not too much” $18
Biodynamic Champagne, Citrus Essence, Bergamotto bitter, splash of soda

Midnight Recovery $18
Spēs unique Espresso “No Martini”, Licorice Bitters, Brown Sugar Syrup, Espresso Shot, Oat Powder

Wild $17
“London Dry” touch, Contratto Bianco, Blackberry, Mulberry, Lemon, fresh Mint leaves

Smoked “Negroni” $17
House Aged Blend Vermouth, Angostura Bitter, Smoked Essence, Orange Peel


Olives $9
Cerignola olives from Puglia w/ cherry tomatoes (v)

Stracciatella & Anchovies on pan brioche $18
Creamy stracciatella cheese, wild-caught Cantabrian anchovies, lemon zest

Grilled Octopus $25
Grilled octopus tentacles (Portugal), over sweet potatoes pureé & sauteéd spinach

Seasonal  Salad $20
Seasonal greens, rainbow quinoa, olives, walnuts, cherry tomatoes, baby carrots, cucumber, EVOO & pesto dressing (v)

Assoluto di Burrata & Confit Cherry Tomatos $21
Fresh creamy Burrata cheese over confit cherry tomatoes (vg)

Artichokes alla Cafona $17
Artichokes hearts prepared traditionally “Cafona” style (sauteéd w/ taggiasche olives from Liguria, capers & tomato sauce) (v)
Peperoncino spicy

Sundried Tomatoes & Sardines $19
Cantabrian Sardines w/ oregano over sundried tomatoes, black olives tapenade on sourdough bread

Bruschetta Ricotta & Pomodorini $15
Ricotta cheese & fresh cherry tomatoes, oregano, EVOO (v)

If you have a food allergy, please notify your server. Thank you
Gf pasta & bread available upon request. $3.5 extra charge

Taglieri formaggi e salumi

Cheese & meat board served w/ sourdough bread, honey & fruit

1 selection $15
2 selection $28
3 selection $41
4 selection $54


Formaggi e salumi


Selection of our artisanal cheeses & cold cuts

Three sisters Cheese
(mild creamy – cow | Nettle Meadow Farm NY)

Blackbert Camemebert w/ Ash
(soft, bloomy ash ripened – goat | R&G Cheesemakers, NY)

Alpha Tolman
(semi firm – raw cow | Jasper Hill, VT)

Pierre Robert Triple Cream
(creamy, mild – cow| France)

Prosciutto di Parma
(aged 30 Months – Parma)

(Smoked prosciutto – Trentino Alto Adige)

(Salame Toscano)

Jamón Ibérico ($15 extra charge) (Authentic acorn-fed 100% Jamón Ibérico | Cinco Jotas)


TAGLIATELLE Wild Boar Ragù $26
Fresh Tagliatelle w/ slowly cooked wild boar ragù in tomato sauce

TONNARELLI Carbonara $25
Fresh Tonnarelli w/ authentic carbonara sauce & Italian guanciale (salt-cured pork jowl)

GNOCCHI Cacio e Pepe $29
Fresh stuffed Gnocchi w/ pecorino cheese & black pepper in sage butter, pistacchio (v)

BLACK TAGLIOLINI with Crab Ragù $33
Fresh squid-ink Tagliolini w/ slowly cooked crab ragù & fresh parsley
Peperoncino spicy

GNOCCHI with Lobster $31
Artisanal Gnocchi, Lobster tail (Maine), light fresh cherry tomato sauce
Peperoncino spicy

MAFALDE Lamb Ragù $29
Fresh Mafalde (type of ribbon-shaped pasta,w/ wavy edges) w/ slowly cooked white lamb ragù sauce & hazelnuts

RAVIOLI with Porcini Mushrooms $29
resh Ravioli stuffed w/ ricotta cheese in sautéed porcini mushrooms sauce & EVOO (vg)

MACCHERONI alla Puttanesca $26
Fresh Maccheroni (tube-shaped pasta) w/ basil pesto, cherry tomatoes, cappers & Taggiasche olives (vg))
Peperoncino spicy


BRANZINO filet $29
Grilled Branzino fish filet on seasonal mix green salad

Pistacchio-crusted SALMON $28
Pistacchio-crusted Salmon w/ herbs & sweet potatoes pureé

ANGUS filet $34
Angus filet 8 oz with butternut squash purée & sautéed porcini mushrooms


Wine List